Augmented reality

“Reality Touch”: augmented reality on mobile phones

Used as a marketing tool or for boosting your sales through mobile commerce; augmented reality offers your end customers a unique and immersive digital experience.

This new method of browsing and buying offers numerous advantages: more efficient planning of your sales outlets, presentation of products through an interactive catalogue and increased customer loyalty thanks to a dedicated mobile application. The product catalogues become immersive, interactive and accessible in real time, wherever you are.

On a smartphone or a touch pad, using a marker placed in their living spaces, users can see the products in 3D This lets them virtually furnish and decorate an entire room, choose the orientation of the furniture, change the product colours in real time as well as the ambiance, etc. The users are therefore immersed in an intricate application and, using this application, can then order the products that they have selected.

Test Reality Touch on your smartphone or tablet.

1- Download the Android application on your smartphone / tablet from the Androïd Market

2- Print A4 one of the markers available below:

3- Launch the application from your smartphone / tablet

Now you can try the whole list of equipment available (sofa, chair, advertising, etc.).!

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