160° Immersion in the Louvre Lens with Idées-3Com

The Louvre Lens, a major national project, was launched on Tuesday, 4 December 2012 to serve as a digital and technological museum.

La liberté guidant le peuple

Among the many innovative devices placed in public service, the immersive tool itself is located in the interior of the resource centre, and is accessible to all. It is in this very place that Idées-3Com brought in its expertise for creating applications dedicated to mediation.

Welcoming about fifteen people at a time, and equipped with three HD video projectors, this place aims to immerse the visitor as close as possible to the works. A 20-minute session, led by a mediator, shows both young and old the secrets of creating and restoring paintings, the details invisible to the naked eye, scientific imaging, works in 3D, 3D universes repositioning a work within their contexts – while using active stereoscopy for even further immersion.

Bulle immersive du louvre lens

With the help of an iPad serving as a “remote control”, the mediator controls the launched application on a high 160° resolution screen. The mediator, having prepared the presentation in advance through an administration tool, can find the project on the tablet. Both intuitive and ergonomic, this application will display media which has been previously loaded onto the server. The zoom, drawing, pointer, magnifying and comparison tools are accessible at any time to help immerse and transmit explanations to visitors. Other, more specific tools – such as 3D decomposition, geometric structure, contrast and hue – allow viewers to discover the secrets of a work by showing it through various other aspects.