Idées-3Com brings Augmented Reality to Shanghai!

The city of Shanghai asked artist Pierre Giner to come and present his work and collaboration with Imagimarium at the event of the city’s 9th Annual Biennial.

Logo de la Biennale de Shanghai

The Shanghai Biennial is a key event in the world of contemporary art: This year, hundreds of artists, including Chinese and international artists (several of whom are French), will be displaying their creations to the general public until 31 December 2012.

Idées-3Com created fun and interactive experiences for this event, which were developed together with the artist Pierre Giner. The aim of this exhibition was to enable Shanghai visitors to meet the 3D avatars of the Imagimarium Society, and to offer them the unique experience of enjoying the avatars’ company!

A unique interactive experience and scale-sized avatars

Thanks to the application “Fantasy RA”, visitors can meet and animate avatars of the Imaginarium Society.

Visitors interact with their “fantasy alias” on large screens in the totally immersive atmosphere of the exhibition pavilion – in which they can play with the rich and interactive universe of the artist. The exhibition in pictures:

The streets of Shanghai invaded by funny creatures

With the applications in place, the world of Peter Giner is everywhere: In the showcase window of the exhibition, on the posters of the Imaginarium, and around the city of Shanghai where the Biennale is taking place. In fact, passersby can view the augmented reality Imaginarium Society avatars with their smartphones and make them dance. They can then take photos to record the event and share it with their friends.

Les visiteurs essayent la réalité augmentée à la Biennale de Shanghai

This project was made ​​possible thanks to financial support from the Pôle Image (Image Centre), and benefited from the artistic collaboration of the Imaginarium, Lille Métropole (Lille metropolitan area), Institut Français (French Institute) and Pierre Giner. We thank them for their contributions to the success of this fantastic experience!

More information on the website of the Imaginarium experience!