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Strong partnerships

Idées-3Com’s technological developments are supported by the partnerships established. Our partners contribute skills from various fields and sectors: new interactive devices, new technological tools, instructional engineering, and more.

MINT team: interactions with gestures

The MINT team, co-supported by the University of Lille 1, INRIA Lille-Europe and CNRS specializes in the interaction with gestures. It develops methods and tools for both systems, tactile, but also for the non-contact interaction.

I-Lab: Idées-3Com and MINT team.

Idées-3Com and MINT team have created a mixed R&D team of 3 engineers. Its main objective is the design of innovative interactions in immersive virtual environments or on multi-touch devices (creation of a 3D display standard for the internet, creation of innovative interactions in immersive virtual environments, prospective studies in virtual and augmented reality technology, etc.)

This partnership holds many benefits for Idées-3Com:

  • A step back and a head start for graphical user interfaces
  • Advanced technology and true reliability
  • A demonstration space highlighting its technology

The List: Technology and Systems Integration Laboratory of CEA

Working in the fields of knowledge engineering, robotics, virtual reality and multisensory interfaces; the LIST is a key partner for our company. Our joint projects combine new multisensory technology with immersive 3D environments.

SMAC Team: Behaviours and Multi-Agent Systems

The team SMAC of the LIFL Laboratory, supported by the University of Lille 1 and CNRS, models and implements the behaviour of virtual people. SMAC contributes its expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems and behavioural modelling.

CUEEP: University Centre- Economics of Continuing Education

The CUEEP, Institute of the University of Lille 1 Science and Technology is a leading institution specialising in training: Initial Training, Continuing Education and Research. In the context of our projects, the CUEEP brings us true value for instructional engineering in businesses and public initiatives, and multimedia engineering and production.

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