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The results of R&D carried out jointly with the research teams are regularly put into practice as part of customer projects or collaborations. These projects are a driving force as they enable us to find practical applications of the research:

Some examples:

  • REACTIVE : Integration of touch screen interfaces for sensorimotor work in gripping tasks (virtual shears, virtual trolleys, Wiiboard, Gametrack)
  • JESTIMULE : use of controllers using vibrotactile patterns to transmit emotional stimuli through vibrating signals.
  • New shopping expérience : integration of smartphone-driven browsing for a virtual tour and development of a customisation application and 3D demonstration on a touch screen.
  • FORMAT-Store : integration of a Multi-Agent System (developed by the SMAC team at LIFL): artificial intelligence in gaming that enables the environment to evolve and exist without player interaction.
  • Sphère : integration of navigation guided by smartphone and operating on touch screens.

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