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Fuelled by its vast experience in large-scale projects, Idées-3Com continues to innovate and establish new R&D programmes.

The company’s most recent innovations:


A major challenge: making your customers’ smartphones a tool for interacting with your sales outlets.
The innovation consists of designing a system that allows the user to explore, using their smartphone, an immersive virtual world, to consult videos and product descriptions or manipulate certain 3D objects.

« Reality Touch » :

Making augmented reality a tool for planning/furnishing a space thanks to mobile systems
Development of an augmented reality application on Ipads or smartphones. After downloading the application, users put one or several marker(s) in a space and visualise on their screen the associated object in 3D. They can, for example, furnish a living space virtually.

Gesture interfaces:

Using haptic devices for training and informing
The Reactive project was an opportunity to develop a platform enabling the integration of any type of virtual reality device to interact with a 3D environment. The tool now developed allows us to consider a multitude of embedded devices and many possible areas of application.

Aushopping :

Creation of a multi-user tool
Aushopping, a project created for the company Immochan, is a true innovation in terms of both the design and technology. It is the first 3D world created specifically for shopping with multi-user management for simultaneous connections and exchange of information in multi-user mode, as well as a tool for the creation and administration of online communities, in order to define the parameters of a 3D world community.

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