Online community space, Specific solution
2009 / 2011

SPHERE, creation of a virtual science and technology park

Customer information: National call for projects 2009

Partners: Université Lille 1 (CUEEP), INRIA (LIFL and CIREL laboratories), Idées-3Com, 3D Duo

The Sphere project aims to build and run a Virtual Science and Technology Park in Lille, France, for the promotion of science and technology, research and scientific culture. This virtual community includes individual and community interaction as well as a range of interactive multimedia.

Sphere consists of digital objects (simulators, virtual museums, games, etc.) designed for different audiences, and was established using the university’s science and technology research content and the work of the research teams at the centre INRIA Lille – Northern Europe. Sphere therefore provides users with advanced technology and/or scientific resources and/or disseminated scientific results to discover, explore, and learn.

People involved in education, training, continuing education, scientific or technical culture, find the resources and environment required to develop their educational and cultural approaches for their various audiences: schools, students , members of associations, enthusiasts and visitors to centres for the dissemination of scientific and technological culture.

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