Haptic devices
2008 / 2011


Customer information: Fondation Hopale

Partners: FONDATION HOPALE, ALCOVE-Graphix, INRIA Lille – Nord Europe LIFL, Idées-3Com (industrial partner), and CEA List.

REACTIVE is software for rehabilitation after a stroke, with a specific section dedicated to the treatment of hemineglect. It includes the development of touch screen interfaces for sensorimotor work in gripping tasks.

The aim is to develop a rehabilitation tool in order to:

  • increase patients’ role and participation in their therapy,
  • help patients with skills transfer from the treatment situation (rehabilitation session) using more ecological exercises
  • reduce behaviour that carries a risk (isolation in the home, neglect of a deficient limb, …).

Based on virtual reality technology, it contributes to improving people’s autonomy.

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