Configurator, Showroom & boutique 3D

Plage, leading specialist in decorative stickers

Plage wanted to develop its sales on the internet to match the commercial growth it has achieved in large stores, especially DIY stores. The objective was to build an e-commerce website that made an impact by adding a simulation tool for its teams and project managers in order to facilitate their creative choices and save time in the design phase.

Idées-3Com therefore took on this project for the company Plage SA: an e-commerce website, an apartment configurator and a 3D showroom.

The 3D Home planner apartment configurator allows users, on the basis of a blank interior, to design their own home and incorporate decorative products from Plage SA. They then have the option of buying online and saving the different versions of the 3D interiors designed, which may also be shared with friends.

The showroom allows users to navigate a 3D idealised apartment, in which they can find all the Plage products as part of simulation exercises in interchangeable environments.

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