TV to Store : How to use Connected TV to create a new, close relationship between the customer and the distributor?

Customer information: PICOM

Televisions sold today in the market can be connected to the Internet. It is thus possible to add customised information to the television DTTV stream in order to address the needs of the viewers directly, so that they are more involved in the programmes they watch.

salon de la VAD

A partnership between Idées-3Com, Atos World Line, Decathlon and the Aptonia brand (food supplements for athletes):

salon de la VAD

A personalised fitness programme : Viewers can follow a personalised fitness workout programme once they enter the gender, weight and age. According to the given physiological data, the programme will advise viewers of the appropriate time to take a drink or a food supplement, as well as when to take a break.

A direct link to the retailer: Viewers can call their closest store at any time. A sales advisor responds instantly via video or chat to advise on which activities to follow or which products to buy. The seller may recommend the product files corresponding to the viewer’s needs remotely from a tablet. These products are displayed directly on the television.

A TV connected to social networks: The sports exercises are directly connected to the social networks of the viewer. A list of friends, who are connected at the same time as the viewer, is shown, so that anyone can encourage or even participate in the bike race challenge – remotely!

Sports equipment connected to the cloud of the house: The latest technological innovations designed for the home are staged here. The viewer uses a home exercise bike, which is directly connected to the TV via the cloud of the house, for exercise and for challenging friends via social networking.

The Technological Challenge

Smartphones, tablets, computers and connected TVs – all these new screens have come into the homes, living rooms and bedrooms of consumers. Idées-3Com and its partner Decathlon are offering a continuous experience between users’ smartphones / tablets (which are used to enter physical characteristics at the beginning of exercising, and then shopping for the recommended products), televisions and the current seller in the nearest store.

Check out the article “Television – a New Channel of ‘Omnichannel’ Commerce” on <>

Showroom & boutique 3D

New shopping Experience 2.0: An unique Experience of customer experience!

Customer information: PICOM

New Shopping Experience is a full-scale simulation of a retail space of the future in which technology solutions are a medium to attract, inform, explore, test, promote and facilitate the act of purchase.

In 2011, Idées-3Com renewed its participation in the retail space through its innovative application of “collaborative shopping.”

The client discovered on a large screen a showroom furniture children’s room in 3D. With the Smartphone , associated with hand gestures, he navigates, manipulates and selects its articles. The seller, equipped with a tablet, also interacts to assist the customer in his choice and can virtually recreate a children’s room with furniture chosen by the client.

Showroom & boutique 3D

New shopping experience: The shop of the future

Customer information: PICOM

Partner of the VAD trade fair, PICOM decided to gather together fashion designers, laboratories and innovative companies for the occasion to immerse the visitor in the shop of the future!

Ideas 3Com took part in the creation of this retail space of the future through two multitouch projects:

  • A unique virtual tour of the Faubourg des Modes de Roubaix by interactive smartphone navigation.
  • An application for clothing customisation and 3D fashion show on a touch screen.

Previewed at the 2010 VAD Trade Fair in Lille, this new space dedicated to bringing together new applications dedicated to the business of tomorrow, was a resounding success with professionals and the general public alike! New Shopping Experience® has been frequently called upon to illustrate regional and national events.

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