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Année 2011

Calais Museum of Lace

In order to bring new life to the site and create an additional attraction, the Calais museum of lace has acquired a 3D measuring cabin. The success of such a tool relies first and foremost on the development of interactive applications based on the use of measurements collected.

It is with this in mind that the museum’s new promotional project was considered. For this, two main tools were developed:

  • a virtual fitting application, to enable visitors to use the measurement data directly in the museum, through interactive stands.
  • an application on the internet, called “Web 3d interactif” intended to continue the tour of the museum on the web and create a buzz in a multi-user world

The idea is that the person that enters into the fitting room can, as soon as they come out, evaluate its benefits. The ultimate objective is to increase visitor loyalty (increase prescription) and promote the Cité in a new and dynamic light.

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