Haptic devices
2009 / 2011

Je Stimule

Customer information: National call for projects 2009

Partners: CEA List, Idées-3Com, Nice University Hospital, HLP Technologies, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis

JEStiMulE (Learning game for the Multisensory Stimulation of Children with pervasive developmental disorders) is a serious game with an educative and therapeutic purpose. A multisensory tool combining visual, auditory and tactile feedback, it is used in addition to the psychotherapy of children with pervasive developmental disorders, including autism, for reeducation in social codes.

The children learn to recognise and anticipate emotions through two stages:

  • learning : the child must learn to recognise emotions using a colour code and tactile patterns sent by the controller
  • experience : the child must recognise and anticipate emotions in context. Through the situations they encounter, the idea is that children should be able to identify a context and deduce the corresponding emotions. Each correct answer enables them to win a piece of a jigsaw.*

This project was developed in collaboration with the CEA-List in Paris, HLP Technologies, the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis for the Centre de Ressources Autisme in Nice.

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