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C2RP « Eco-Rénovation »

Customer information: C2RP

Partners: AFPA

A Serious Game to educate, inform and train an audience of professionals on the dual impact that regulations on energy efficiency will have on their professions, skills, behaviour and positions and as well as on the objectives of a renovation site. This game immerses the learner, who will start by exploring a typical 1930s house and then establish links between the various points covered in an energy audit carried out previously. The players/learners win credits, that they then reinvest in various trades to carry out the renovation work needed for optimising energy, economic and environmental performance.

Learning game application
Année 2010

C2RP « Managing is my business »

Customer information: C2RP

Partners:Chamber of trades and crafts for Northern France.

The e-Learning model “Managing is my business” aims to assist people with a plan to create a business, and more generally, anyone who wishes to recap on the basics of managing micro-businesses or SMEs (recruitment, bank reconciliation, sorting accounting documents, inventory management, etc.). Combined with a document database, the serious game enables accounting, financial and social aspects be addressed in a practical and fun way.

Simulations enable the players to immerse themselves in management issues and address the theoretical aspects of training in a more fun way.

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