Report on the Imaginarium of Tourcoing

Morning TV report (4m53s) broadcast on France 2 on Tuesday, 13 March 2012.

Businesses, artists, training facilities and areas of research coexist and work together within a real creative village. Networking that aims to develop meetings conducive to creativity and to the generation of new content. Creative industries, researchers and artists share the same ambition of innovation and experimentation [...]

Meet Idées-3Com and its solutions for Living Environments at MIPIM trade fair , in Cannes from March 6 to 9

Idées-3Com au MIPIM à Cannes du 6 au 9 Mars

International Real Estate Exhibition, MIPIM is the leading trade sector. Find this year’s Idées-3Com who will present its innovative solutions for 3D animation places to live.

Also attending the workshop “Augmented Reality Technology Applied to real estate” of the Building Innovation,presented by Idées-3Com , Wednesday March 7 from 11.30am to 12pm.

A touch of interactivity provided by Idées-3Com at the inauguration of the Imaginarium of Tourcoing

The first French “Imaginarium” space, which brings creative businesses, artists, training structures and areas of research together in one place, was launched this Thursday (16 February) in front of Martine Aubry, elected regional officials and a large public audience.

Carried out under the artistic direction of Pierre Giner (a recognised artist who uses new technologies as his form of expression), this inauguration had been entrusted to Idées-3Com for the implementation of four interactive applications:
- An application of augmented reality on invitation cards
- A “Welcome” application that invites visitors to rediscover themselves virtually
- A “Behavioural” application where the visitor is invited to sympathise with his somewhat “sticky” avatar
- A “Giants” application which makes giant avatars appear to intermingle with the present public

This is a first step in the world of culture for Idées-3Com, as it wishes to pursue this adventure with Plaine Images, the artist Pierre Giner as well as other artists and institutions wishing to bring interactivity to live spaces or exhibitions.

Find out about the Imaginarium:

Test Reality Touch on your smartphone or tablet

1- Download the app on your smartphone / tablet from the Androïd Market (under Android) or from the App Store (under iPhone OS)

2- Print this tag in A4 format.

3- Launch the application from your smartphone or tablet

You can now view the invitation in 3D!

Serious Game in progress !

We announced some time ago the arrival of new projects at Idées-3Com, and after phases of pedagogical design, scripting, graphic design, our Serious Games are now under development. Great achievements planned for the year 2012

Sphère Idées-3com
Sphere: Discover dedicated worlds through all scientific innovations from the University of Lille 1
JeStimule: a game with educational and therapy for children with autism
C2RP éco-rénovation
Eco-renovation: educate, inform and train professionals of the building sector about regulations on energy performance.
université Paris Descartes
University Paris Descartes: train students in receipt a patient in a pharmacy

Ideas 3Com winner of the 2011 call for projects of Pole Images

3ème édition de l’Appel à Projets  Serious Game

As part of the third edition of the Call for Projects “Serious Game” our project “Eat better, feel better,” filed in conjunction with the EPSM Lille Métropole d’Armentières and DM Formation, was selected by the jury.

“Eat better, feel better” is a game that will be used to help patients with mental disorders to better control their eating behavior. This software will be tested with patients of the EPSM Lille Métropole d’Armentières. The game has several objectives: the strengthening and validation of educational sessions but also to be a support for discussions between caregivers and patients.

The stand “NSE 2.0 by PICOM” presents at MAPIC Cannes

It’s a great success winning by the innovation space New Shopping Experience at the 2011 exhibition MAPIC in Cannes. This confirms the relevance of the action for trade of future initiated by the PICOM for the second year (perspective shared by Idées-3Com, who is involved in this project for the second consecutive year). The prospective of the future trade turned to new technology promises a bright future for innovations of Idées-3Com…

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The pedagogical approach of Idées-3Com: our success in Serious Game Expo 2011.

serious game expo 2011

The 2011 edition of the essential trade show of Serious Game in France, gathered for two days a number of industry players and serious games for training.

Among all the stands of the creators of Serious Games : Idées-3Com. What has attracted visitors and professionals: the pedagogical approach we use to meet their research solutions for the professional training of their teams.

The second appeal of our solutions: the technological approach that we have, thanks to the coupling between the innovative technology (mobile media, augmented reality) and the training modules that we design and develop, our serious games meet new challenges of training.

You could not attend the exhibition, please contact us for a personal appointment.