Euralille and Idees-3com reinvents the unbelievable Christmas Show!

Euralille l’incroyable noël

Le concept

Faced with a giant screen (2,5x4m), Euralille’s Mall visitors re discover the Christmas universe and virtually interact with it’s legendary characters.
The screen plays the role of a “giant mirror” which projects instantly any visitor passing by into the incredible world of Christmas.

Thanks to Augmented Reality the visitor can play with Santa Claus, take a picture with him, dance with polar penguins or even tame the impressive ice field animals such as white bears or reindeers.

The scene and the atmosphere created for the occasion aim at facilitating the visitor’s immersion into an experience that whishes to be more playful and innovative than a classic Christmas animation.

Euralille l’incroyable noël

This event, exclusive in France, enables visitors to live a unique Christmas in the Mall and to share this memory easily with their friends thanks to the many photos taken on the spot. From the most original to the most classic one, you can give your imagination a free hand!

The animation mechanism is accessible on the Mall’s ground floor from the 12th to the 29th of December 2012 included, every day from 10:am.

What the animation enables

  • Interact with Santa Clauss and take a photo with him
  • Be at the closest and play with the ice field animals
  • Take the challenge of the dancing pingouins
  • Become the pingouin’s stuntman assistant

Technical mechanism

  • Giant screen
  • HD video camera
  • A ground sticker that engages the Augmented Reality magic and facilitates (makes it easier) the public site during the animations
  • Organizers to guide the visitors during the experience

This event was realized in collaboration with Acnot.