Animating a Konica Minolta Convention – Thanks to Augmented Reality

Maintaining the attention of an audience, making an impression, giving a product a modern and innovative image – that was the challenge taken up by Idées-3Com, in partnership with the agency ComSquare for Kinoca Minolta.

Animer une convention Konica Minolta grâce à la réalité augmentée

The commercial director of Konica Minota was able to present the company’s new products to its sales network via augmented reality during a road-show across the whole of France.

This helped to explain the marketing and educational messages to the sales force of the brand, by relying on several types of messages, such as the range of products and Konica values .

The projection of augmented reality was carried out in high definition on a giant screen. The speaker on-stage was tracked by a camera, and could interact directly with the virtual images using gestures – enhancing the presentation with even more magic!