A touch of interactivity provided by Idées-3Com at the inauguration of the Imaginarium of Tourcoing

The first French “Imaginarium” space, which brings creative businesses, artists, training structures and areas of research together in one place, was launched this Thursday (16 February) in front of Martine Aubry, elected regional officials and a large public audience.

Carried out under the artistic direction of Pierre Giner (a recognised artist who uses new technologies as his form of expression), this inauguration had been entrusted to Idées-3Com for the implementation of four interactive applications:
- An application of augmented reality on invitation cards
- A “Welcome” application that invites visitors to rediscover themselves virtually
- A “Behavioural” application where the visitor is invited to sympathise with his somewhat “sticky” avatar
- A “Giants” application which makes giant avatars appear to intermingle with the present public

This is a first step in the world of culture for Idées-3Com, as it wishes to pursue this adventure with Plaine Images, the artist Pierre Giner as well as other artists and institutions wishing to bring interactivity to live spaces or exhibitions.

Find out about the Imaginarium:

Test Reality Touch on your smartphone or tablet

1- Download the app on your smartphone / tablet from the Androïd Market (under Android) or from the App Store (under iPhone OS)

2- Print this tag in A4 format.

3- Launch the application from your smartphone or tablet

You can now view the invitation in 3D!