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Current developments in e-commerce and trade provide new opportunities for the commercial sector. The sector is becoming more open and also more complex, as consumers are now looking for more depth and meaning in business. Today, these trends make it necessary for policymakers to be more responsive, through using multi-screen, cross-channel strategies, and merging their online and offline strategies.
To be effective, a brand must be constantly connected to the consumer, offering the possibility of embarking on an emotional experience via the 3D tool. It is through this connection that the brand establishes with its consumers, that it will succeed in ensuring their loyalty and anticipating the profitability ultimately desired.

This is why Idées-3Com innovates and creates solutions for e-commerce websites, to enable you to :

  • Enhance the exposure of your offer thanks to simulation exercise opportunities
  • Improve the user experience and provide assistance with their purchase
  • Benefit from feedback in order to optimise conversion rates
  • Make the most of social shopping opportunities through online communities
  • Interconnect your applications with social networks

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