Report on the Imaginarium of Tourcoing

Morning TV report (4m53s) broadcast on France 2 on Tuesday, 13 March 2012.

Businesses, artists, training facilities and areas of research coexist and work together within a real creative village. Networking that aims to develop meetings conducive to creativity and to the generation of new content. Creative industries, researchers and artists

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A touch of interactivity provided by Idées-3Com at the inauguration of the Imaginarium of Tourcoing

The first French “Imaginarium” space, which brings creative businesses, artists, training structures and areas of research together in one place, was launched this Thursday (16 February) in front of Martine Aubry, elected regional officials and a large public audience.

Carried out under the artistic direction

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Serious Game in progress !

We announced some time ago the arrival of new projects at Idées-3Com, and after phases of pedagogical design, scripting, graphic design, our Serious Games are now under development. Great achievements planned for the year 2012

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Ideas 3Com winner of the 2011 call for projects of Pole Images

3ème édition de l’Appel à Projets  Serious Game

As part of the third edition of the Call for Projects “Serious Game” our project “Eat better, feel better,” filed in conjunction with the EPSM Lille Métropole d’Armentières and DM Formation, was selected by the jury.

“Eat better, feel better” is a game that will be used

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The pedagogical approach of Idées-3Com: our success in Serious Game Expo 2011.

serious game expo 2011

The 2011 edition of the essential trade show of Serious Game in France, gathered for two days a number of industry players and serious games for training.

Among all the stands of the creators of Serious Games : Idées-3Com. What has attracted visitors and professionals: the pedagogical approach we use to meet their research solutions for the professional

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