The agency

Idées-3Com is a communication agency specialising in designing innovative experiences for the marketing, communication and training sectors.

For 7 years now, our agency has been making the very best of innovation available to its clients. Focusing heavily on the use of the latest technology such as augmented reality, Idées-3Com has enabled many companies to increase their sales, build loyalty among their customers and generate a buzz.

Our values


Innovating and making the best and latest technology available for your projects


Working to make each solution accessible and adapted to the user


Creating intuitive, user friendly and easy to use experiences

Our expertise

Our process

  • User experience
  • Designing the
  • Deployment of the

Our team

23 staff to help take your projects forward:

R&D and partners

Working with the applied research laboratories in the virtual reality field and as a member of the PICOM (the Pôle de compétitivité Industries du Commerce or “Trade Industries Competitive Cluster”), Idées-3com can count on solid, reliable partners. Thanks to our R&D programmes focusing on emerging technologies, we have successfully positioned ourselves as one of the most proactive players in the market. Making innovation central to its strategy, our company develops bold, interactive solutions.